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From Worst Year in a Decade To the Best Year in a Decade

"When you are looking for results, Robert is your man"

- Jennifer H

New York Based Marketing Agency


Having seen a significant decline in revenue from an Anchor Client, the business was having issues with profitability and cash flow management.

Change was quickly needed.


First step in their road to change was establishing where they wanted to go.

After outlining their core values, goals and focus, we were able to enact change rapidly.

“It’s been a great comfort knowing that we have Robert supporting us in our corner while we fight to rise to the top of our industry”

- E Williams

Business Development

Having considered themselves a “full service” agency for many years they needed to rethink their niche and their service offering. With reporting they determined which services were most profitable and which they enjoyed the most. Promoting those higher value items resulted in a 18% increase to gross profit.

Operational Changes

With a drop in top line revenue, and a refocus of their service offering they needed to gain internal efficiencies.


Leveraging technology and standardized procedures, they experienced a steep decline in operational costs while increasing internal capacity.

Adjustment to higher value and profitable services, the improvement to the gross margin will allow the business to reap the rewards for many years.

Results and Return on Investment

Having course-corrected they were able to leverage their entire team to improve the business and help them achieve their goals.

With the entire team working towards a common goal they were able to achieve an astounding 217% growth in net profit, in just 6 months.

"Working with Robert was the single best decision we have made when it comes to "finance" Accounting, bill collecting, financial strategy and stability. Without a doubt, if you are lucky enough to work with Patin and Associates it'll be a game changer."

- Valentin B

Morning Mist Over Trees

Insolvency to Tremendous Profitability

Los Angeles Based Marketing Agency

Executive Summary

Grappling with the looming need to file chapter 11, a change was needed.  With new financial leadership company experienced a 846% increase in sales, and a 36% increase in gross profit margin.


After years of sales decline and increasing costs the company was left with significant liabilities, negative cash flow and diminished morale. Without options the executive team would have no option but to close its doors.

"His charisma is only surpassed by his ability to deliver. I highly recommend working with him and his talented team"

- Joyce C

Road to Success

After the completion of a time study, process improvement, debt restructuring and proper budgeting the Agency was cash flow positive. Partnership between their VP of Business Development and Patin & Associates resulted in a refined marketing strategy that brought upon a staggering increase to gross revenue.


Results and Return on Investment

Having solved the immediate cash flow issues, processes inefficiencies, and declining sales the focus turned to profitability enhancement. Through project costing and budgeting improvements gross profits increased by 36%.  The culmination of reinvestment, refined marketing strategy resulted in a 613% increase to net profit.

The culmination of reinvestment, refined marketing strategy resulted in a 613% increase to net profit

“Robert’s financial knowledge is a critical component for any businesses success."

- Dave S

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