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Tips for Keeping Your Contracting Business Busy During the “Off Season”

Winter is often a slow time for contracting companies. Between poor weather and weeks of family holidays, some businesses may be tempted to close up shop until the spring. Don’t let foul weather foul your business!

Below we explore a few ways your business can stay productive and profitable during the quieter winter months, from offering new services to performing some “winter cleaning.”

Offer winter services

Just as you offer services prime for summer makeovers, think about which services you can provide that are winter-specific. Evaluate the equipment and expertise you already have at your disposal and brainstorm how you can meet client needs as the seasons change.

Examples of winter services might include:

  • Christmas light hanging and other exterior décor services

  • Snow removal and de-icing

  • HVAC installation and repair

  • Interior projects like flooring or painting

  • Snow vehicle repair

  • Installing new windows and doors for improved insulation

You can continue serving your client base year-round or find new clients when they search your business looking for these winter-specific services.

Turn your attention indoors

Are there projects clients have in the queue that won’t be affected by poor weather? Maybe someone is eager to redo their kitchen floor and cabinets, but you also have a client’s roof to replace. See if there’s any flexibility in your schedule to allow you to focus on indoor projects during the winter months.

One unique service you could offer is interiorscaping, or landscaping an indoor space. People forced to stay inside all winter – who bring their precious plants inside too – may welcome having a bit of nature in the house. If it’s not so cold that you can still keep the windows open, painting is another ideal job for winter months.

Consider a winter price cut

Because winter is a slow time for contractors, offering a seasonal incentive may help you gain enough work to get by until spring. However, this also means that clients may be expecting a discount on services and will shop bids for lower prices. Evaluate what’s realistic to keep your prices competitive and ensure continued business through winter without losing money on a project.

Let clients know that you’re offering a seasonal discount on certain services and make sure to add a sense of urgency – if they wait until spring or summer, the offer will be gone. Market these services to existing clients before winter to get a nice project slate heading into the season.

Perform “winter cleaning” on your business

If you still find the days a bit quieter than usual, take time to deep dive into all aspects of your business. Refresh your marketing materials so that you have plenty to show prospective clients come spring.

This is also a great time to take a hard look at your finances. Organize tax materials so they’re ready to go for next year. Evaluate key metrics to see how your business did this year compared to last. If you don’t have one handy already, sitting down with a financial analyst is a great investment for understanding how your business is performing and where your growth opportunities are.

If your contracting firm needs financial advice – whether during busy season or quiet months – we’re here to help. Contact Patin & Associates today to get started.


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