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Case Study - From Edge of Insolvency to Sky-High Profitability

Updated: Jun 20

“Robert turned a marginally profitable service-based marketing agency into a very profitable company, giving the agency room to invest in itself and give its clients a better work product. If you are looking for results, Robert is your man.”

Los Angeles Based Marketing Agency:

Executive Summary

Grappling with the looming need to file chapter 11, a change was needed. With new financial leadership company experienced a 846% increase in sales, and a 36% increase in gross profit margin.


After years of sales decline and increasing costs the company was left with significant liabilities, negative cash flow and diminished morale. Without options the executive team would have no option but to close its doors.

Experienced financial leadership was needed to navigate these complexities.

Road to Success

After the completion of a time study, process improvement, debt restructuring and proper budgeting the Agency was cash flow positive. Partnership between their VP of Business Development and Patin & Associates resulted in a refined marketing strategy that brought upon a staggering increase to gross revenue.

Results and Return on Investment

Having solved the immediate cash flow issues, processes inefficiencies, and declining sales the focus turned to profitability enhancement. Through project costing and budgeting improvements gross profits increased by 36%. The culmination of reinvestment, refined marketing strategy resulted in a 613% increase to net profit or a 20x ROI.

The culmination of reinvestment; refined strategies resulted in a 613% increase to net profit.

“Robert’s financial knowledge is a critical component for any businesses success. Through a multitude of options, he presents, he has the unique ability to assure a commitment makes financial sense for all parties concerned, while never jeopardizing quality.”


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